So this custom girl is finally up on my etsy here.

Originally the plan had been to finish her sister Flora and put them up together…but her sister is being a pain and refuses to work for me now.  So her sister will be going ahead of her!

This is Fauna, a fae, originally a three eyed monster high CAM.  I inset some brand new black eyes in her and gave her a spankin’ new faceup, some custom sculpey horns, and fire orange mohair locks.  I didn’t do any body blushing on her to avoid messing it up during photos…but whoever purchases her has the option of a free light body blushing before she ships out.

This is my FAVORITE of the CAMs and a beautiful face sculpt.  I think her original factory makeup does alot of hide her cute expression…which is terrible in my opinion because its a fabulous one.  I’m partial to triple eyes anyhow but the cute smile and pointy little ears have me totally sold.  I might be a mild hoarder of this particular CAM…so I’ll do another custom of it eventually. 

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