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Keira Knightley talks about Pirates of the Caribbean and her boobs.

God bless the itty bitty titty committee

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The story we have been a part of will live long in the minds of men.

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Regeneration outtake.

(Disclaimer: I love Capaldi)

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Up close and personal with a Portuguese man-of-war

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Expo, an Iron Man fanvid by lim
Music: Turn Up The Faders by Nathan Asher & The Infantry
Thanks to Cesperanza and Astolat

HD download will be available on /lim shortly.

Do yourself a favor and watch this vid instantly, because HOLY CRAP, from the first moment I saw a section I was all, OK, so Marvel was just a warm-up? This vid blows me away so hard. I have rarely seen any vid that so effectively does first person POV, that really puts you inside a character’s head like this one does. It’s such a cool experience, whether you’re a fan of Tony or not. 

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